1. Margarita
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By Jeanette Clark

Verse 1
I feel waves of memories – crashing over me
Just wading here – I feel I could drown
Swimming in my misery – oh, I can barely breathe
I feel you near somehow

I haven’t been here in awhile
This is the place you made me smile
Until the storm rolled in
And washed it away

He left his Margarita – on the rocks
A kiss goodbye - like bitter lime
Turns a sea of tears to salt

Chasing Sangria - on the dock
Deep in the night - sweet red wine
Can cause a man to fall – oh (2nd chorus tag: fall – oh fall – oh----)

Verse 2
I hear the echo of emptiness – through the busyness
It sounds so familiar
Yet so different – without you in it
It will never be the same

The sun sets like it always did
The moon shines where we used to kiss
But you’re not here reliving
The memories we made
(repeat chorus)

Yeah – you said you’d never leave me
Then why’d you ever leave me?
I’m right here where you left me - alone

End Chorus/Tag
You left your Margarita - on the rocks
A kiss goodbye - like bitter lime
My tears have turned to salt

Chasing Tequila – now that you’re gone
Deep in the night – that bitter lime
Just makes me want to fall – oh fall